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Auto Art...

Equipped with modern workshop equipment that allows the execution of a vast and extended set of services


6 paint booths

11 paint preparation areas

2 Ovens

1 polishing area

// Painting and reconditioning...

Repair, Refurbish...

Parts Replacement and Repair

Windshield replacement, damaged parts, sheet metal repairs, quick repairs, dents removal without paint work

Parts Preparation

Preparation of damaged parts, Painting of new and used parts, Polishing by piece or complete, Customized complete painting

Damage repair according to budget

Reconditioning of used vehicles (Fleets, Buy-Back)

// Smart repair
// Paint mixer
// Repair of damaged vehicles
// Painting preparation area
// Parts preparation area
// Quality Control
// Paint houses
// Preparation of parts for painting
// Preparation for painting
// Color codes
// Panel Painting
// Polishing
// Windshield replacement
// Capacity for large vehicles
// Windshield cut
// Preparation for painting
// Polishing headlights
// Wheels painting
// Polishing
// Chassis painting