// Services



Cosmetics and
Final Inspection...

1,200 m2 covered areas or vehicle preparation, consisting of production lines with a capacity for 17 vehicles each, where all operations are performed.

// Washing and inspection

Prepare to Deliver...

// Phase 1

Film Removal

Vehicles that are requested to be prepared for the final customer that contain films, they are removed before the washing process

// Phase 2


PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) according to customer requirements (checklist):

1. Road test
2. Compliance check of services
3. Check levels: oil, water, brake fluid
4. Operation of lights
5. Battery charge
6. Tire pressure
7. Conducting diagnostic tests

// Phase 3

Final washing and inspection

1. High pressure washing 2. Waxing application 3. Compliance check of the sheet and paint service 4. General state of cleanliness 5. Document compliance

// Film removal
// Checks the levels: oil, water, brake fluid
// Conducting diagnostic tests
// Aesthetic preparation
// Aesthetic preparation
// Final inspection
// Final inspection